Diamond Core Drilling Service

Perfectly cut holes into brick & blockwork, natural stone and reinforced concrete from 6mm to 202mm diameter can be achieved, to any depth you require. Diamond drilling is suitable for a wide range of applications, our services are available to all industries. The holes achieved are perfect for environmental core testing, surface water drainage, electrical and plumbing conduits, ducting and air conditioning.

Diamond drilled holes are very accurate and result in clean smooth sided holes and are virtually dust and vibration free.
Holes can be drilled vertically, horizontally or at an angle with diamond tipped cores attached to a powerful 110v drill motor mounted onto a drilling rig. Water is used during the drilling process to cool the diamond segments and to control the level of dust produced. We have carried out diamond drilling in complex office buildings where cleanliness is paramount.

Diamond core drilling is also a good solution for where a saw cannot be employed to create an opening or remove a structure or the opening is irregular shaped. Stitch drilling is carried out in a controlled method by diamond drilling a series of interlinked holes to enable the wall, opening or structure to be removed.