Pump Station Maintenance & Repairs

SEP Ltd have catered for the required routine maintenance and repair for the UK’s house builders since 2002, with a history of pumping, design and maintenance dating back to 1988.

Emergency Call Out Service

We offer and operate an emergency call out service for a variety of clients. Our personnel have built a knowledge base over the years which enables us to service and maintain a wide range of pumps and control panels.

  • Maintenance and repair of pump stations
  • Pump Station Control Panels
  • Wet Well Cleaning
  • Operations and maintenance of treatment plants
  • Grease Trap Maintenance
  • Tankering of Treatment Plants and Pump Stations

SEP Ltd have experience of service and maintenance of a wide variety of pump station types available including:

  • Sewage ejectors
  • Submersible pumps e.g. TT, Flygt, ABS, Vaughn etc.
  • Dry well pumps e.g. progressive cavity pumps, centrifugal etc.
  • Specialist pump systems

SEP Ltd's engineers conduct preventative maintenance where possible fixing problems before they occur. SEP Ltd install and, maintain pumps manufactured by ABS, Flygt, TT, Mono, Walwin, Lowara, Grunfos, Vaughn etc.


Routine operations and maintenance of pump stations include:

  • Electrical testing including earth continuity, current drawn, insulation resitance etc.
  • Pump system controls checks e.g. duty / standby operation, level control operation etc.
  • Recording of key readings including hours run on pumps
  • Inspection and service e.g. wear components, oil levels and ancilliries (e.g. NRV's) etc.
  • Cleaning and checking of level controls
  • Cleaning/ jetting / tankering when required

Our service engineers are trained in confined spaces, lifting operations and permit writing to enable them to enter wet wells to service non-return valves (NRV’s), isolation valves, sewage ejectors and pumps.